DHS GOLDARC 8 47,5 deg Măreşte

DHS GOLDARC 8 47,5 deg





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The Goldarc 8 has legendary elasticity and a high amount of grip. This rubber employs its sturdy pimple geometry to maximize its elasticity. The pimples used are very large to increase the power produced from the mid-distance. The rubber gets excellent feedback and a clear sound upon contact with the ball, providing the player with much confidence in his shots. The Goldarc 8 is suitable for both the forehand and backhand of a blade. The Goldarc 8 was worked on by the DHS development center, German rubber experts, and multiple-time world champions, Wang Liqin, and Ma Long, to create the perfect highly elastic, non-tacky rubber. This rubber is the soft version.

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DHS GOLDARC 8 47,5 deg

DHS GOLDARC 8 47,5 deg